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A wet and breezy Friday and will be feeling cool in Sefton

Good Morning on Friday 25th June. Its 12°C with westerly winds of 14mph in Sefton


Today, it will be cloudy with showers or spells of rain continuing through much of the day. The showers may merge into longer spells of rain and persist during the afternoon. A cool, breezy day. Maximum temperature 17°C.


This evening, showers or outbreaks of rain will persist for a time before it begins to ease in the night. It will continue cloudy tonight, with just a few showers lingering in places. Minimum temperature 9°C.

Tide Times:

The High Tide today is at 12:04pm (8.90m)


The sun sets tonight at 9:45pm


The Ionic Star ship wreck ran aground as it was headed to Liverpool with a cargo full of meat, fruit and cotton back in 1939 and has been abandoned ever since.

A ghostly shipwreck marooned off the Sefton coast appears just a few times a year, when it can be spotted from the beach.

The eerie vessel became stranded on 17th October 1939, and becomes visible during extremely low tides when it can be seen off the Formby shore.

The Ionic Star ran aground on October 17, 1939 as she sailed into Liverpool carrying a cargo of meat, cotton and fruit from South America. The wreckage was abandoned by its crew and now all that remains is the skeleton of the former vessel.

No lives were lost in the wreck, and much of the ship’s structure was salvaged for scrap despite lying far out in the low tide zone on the infamous Mad Wharf sandbank.

You can see it on Formby beach at low tide. It remains wedged into the Mad Wharf sandbank and can be difficult to access due to changing tides. The wreck of the Ionic Star lies in the low tide zone - a dangerous area which should only be visited by those with a thorough knowledge of the weather, tides and channels on the Sefton coast.

This photo of The Ionic Star was taken by Sue Tinsley.

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!

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