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Beach car parks closed due to high tides until 15th August and temperatures will soar to 32°C today

Southport beach car park is closed until August 15th due to the high tide. Also plan ahead for the high tide at Ainsdale which is having an impact on beach parking.

The High Tide today is at 12:03pm and will reach 8.88m.

Both car parks at National Trust Formby fill up by early morning-11am and the National Trust then close the car parks for the rest of the day. This is to keep everyone walking across the site safe and to prevent cars queuing.

Please travel by train or head to alternative beaches nearby.

Plan your train journey to Formby here

🏖 Sefton beaches

All our Sefton beaches are lifeguarded beaches but it's important to follow key safety advice:

  • Check tide times and only swim within the yellow and red RNLI flags.

  • Be aware of soft mud. If you get into difficulty and can't see the lifeguard call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

  • If you get into trouble in the water lie on your back and relax, resisting the urge to thrash about. If possible raise your hand and shout for help.

Temperatures will increase across much of the UK over the coming week. Temperatures will be highest across parts of England and Wales with these peaking on Friday and Saturday. In addition to high daytime maxima, temperatures overnight will remain very warm, especially in larger urban areas.

For further details see

What to expect: Adverse health effects are likely to be experienced by those vulnerable to extreme heat; The wider population are likely to experience some adverse health effects including sunburn or heat exhaustion (dehydration, nausea, fatigue) and other heat related illnesses; Some changes in working practices and daily routines likely to be required; An increased chance that some heat-sensitive systems and equipment may fail; More people are likely to visit coastal areas, lakes, rivers and other beauty spots leading to an increased risk of water safety and fire-related incidents; Some delays to road, rail and air travel are possible, with potential for welfare issues for those who experience prolonged delays.

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Formby School of Dancing and Performing
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Formby School of Dancing and Performing
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