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Good Morning on Tuesday 23rd November. Remaining dry but turning gradually cloudier later in Sefton

Good Morning on Tuesday 23rd November. It’s 9°C with northwesterly winds of 11mph in #Sefton


This morning will see a mix of bright spells and patchy clouds. It will remain dry throughout the day but turn gradually cloudier later in the afternoon. Feeling cool with temperatures around average for November. Maximum temperature 9°C.


Staying rather cloudy for much of the night, which keeps it milder than recent nights. Light winds and remaining mostly dry with the outside chance of drizzle under thickest cloud. Minimum temperature 4°C.

High Tide:

High Tide today is at 12:51pm (8.30m)


The sun sets tonight at 4:04pm


This amazing photo was taken on Rimrose Valley by Simon Williams on the 18th April 2021.

Deer have roamed the area of Rimrose Valley for centuries and that is why #Bootle football team is called The Bucks, due to the amount of these beautiful animals. You can help to save our beautiful Rimrose Valley by joining their Facebook page HERE

If you have any photos you would like us to share on our morning posts, please email them to

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