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Maggie and Rubble - abandoned a year ago but reunited on a windy, rainy Crosby beach yesterday

Almost a year to the day since they were abandoned, Maggie (left) and Rubble were reunited as their loving owners met up on a rainy, windy Crosby beach yesterday.


You may remember that Rubble and Maggie were found tied to a bush close to our Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre in Ince Blundell in April last year. We had no idea of how they came to be there. One of our staff found them, bewildered and anxious, as she was driving home, and immediately brought them to safety at Freshfields.


We took them in, and from that moment on they had new hope for their future. Our vet assessed them and they were generally in good health. We made sure that they were warm, fed and loved, whilst we searched for a forever loving home for them both. It appeared they were from the same household, and there were signs that Maggie had given birth to at least one litter.


Maggie was lucky enough to find a wonderful home first, adopted by Alan who was delighted to tell us that she settled in well and claimed her spot on the sofa. They’re the best of friends now, with Maggie being a celebrity when they pop into their local pub.


Maggie with new owner Alan

Two months later, Rubble – aka Rubble on the Double - helped Jackie find love again, after her beloved dog had died recently. He’s got many different nicknames! Everyone falls in love with him and he’s a very affectionate dog.


Maggie and Rubble reunited on Crosby beach yesterday

Jackie said: “We were so pleased that we could bring Maggie and Rubble together again. We didn’t know if they would recognise each other, but they got on well and Rubble licked Maggie’s face, which is unusual for him! It was lovely that we could get together with Alan and Maggie and celebrate the fact that we could give the dogs the love they deserve.”


Deb Hughes, Freshfields Animal Rescue said: “We could not be happier to see Rubble and Maggie one year on from the nightmare of being abandoned in the road.”

“They have both found happiness and joy, and we love to see them enjoying their adventures with their families. They are cherished as beloved family pets, which is what we want for all of our rescued animals. We can only make this happen because of the support we get from our local communities.”


“We need your help to make it possible to make more happy endings like Rubble and Maggie’s story. Last year, we saved over 1000 creatures, including companion animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits, and also wildlife – we saved over 400 hedgehogs and birds in our Wildlife Unit, releasing them safely back into the wild.”


“We face a triple threat of falling donations, rising costs and increasing numbers of animals being brought to our doors. Please consider taking a rescue dog into your hearts and homes if you’re looking for a pet. You will be changing lives, including your own!”


To find out more about Freshfields Animal Rescue, or to make a donation to help our vital work to rescue and rehome animals in desperate need, go to and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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