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Princess and Tinkerbell who are best buddies need a new forever home together

Freshfields Animal Rescue are looking for a new home for Princess and Tinkerbell. Debbie Hughes from Freshfields Animal Rescue said: “Our lovable duo Princess and Tinkerbell are desperately searching for a home where they can stay together. We’re appealing today for someone to come forward and offer these close friends a place where they can make a new life AND not have to be parted.”

Deb Hughes, PR and Communications for Freshfields, continue:

“This adorable pair are super friendly and full of fun. They love to play and are very affectionate.”

“Princess and Tinkerbell have lived together for the last 8 years, since Princess was a puppy. We are so determined to keep them together.”

”Unfortunately, they are becoming more frustrated in kennels as time goes by, and it is creating a bit of tension for them. We really do not want to split them up, as they love each other, but sadly as time goes on it is becoming a possibility. This is a big call out to our local animal-loving community for a home for these two!”

”Tinkerbell is 10 years old and she is a Labrador/German Shepherd cross. She has a skin allergy which is well managed with medication.“

“Princess is an 8 year-old German Shepherd dog – she’s quite dainty for the breed! She does suffer from some breed related issues with her hips but again this is well under control with her medication.”

“We are looking for a home for Princess and Tinkerbell where someone could be around for most of the day. They would ideally be the only pets, and could live with children over the age of 12.”

If you think you could fall in love with these loveable BFFs, then please contact Freshfields on

Check out the dogs waiting for their forever homes at the website or call us on 0151 931 1604.

Thank you for your fantastic support for the animals. With your help, we can find them the forever homes they so deserve”

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