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Who is accountable for the absolute mess that is Brooms Cross and Edge Lane?

The Brooms Cross Road was ten years in the making and since it was built has had a few problems but none as bad as this last two weeks. The nightmare began almost two weeks ago when the main traffic lights at the Brickwall Lane junction were out. This is a really busy junction and was dangerous for anyone that attempted to get through.

On Tuesday 14th January, Sefton Council said: “We are aware that the traffic lights are out at Brooms Cross/Brickwall Lane. There is a power failure and Scottish Power are attending ASAP. Please avoid the area if possible.”

On Wednesday 15th January, Sefton Council said: “Brooms Cross Update - The lights were fixed around 8am and have since gone off again. Scottish Power are on site and trying to remedy the Power Failure, however, we will install temporary lights until we guarantee the issue is fixed. Apologies.”

After this statement went out, there was an uproar of people saying there were no temporary lights at all and it was just an accident waiting to happen! One person said: “Where are the temporary lights??? Just come through this lights, no temporary lights, no street lights and traffic coming from all directions. This is a serious accident waiting to happen!!!”

Someone else said: “No sign of any temporary lights some 8 hours after this post was made??? Very dangerous there will be accidents if there hasn’t been already!!!”

After that statement almost a week ago, there has not been anyone at all working on the lights trying to fix them. That coupled with the absolute disgusting mess on Edge Lane that was also meant to finish a week before Christmas, the whole area is like a car park!

The new layout on Edge Lane is to divert the majority of traffic to the Brooms Cross Road.

A twenty minute journey is now taking an hour and twenty minutes and that is no exaggeration. From any and every direction, a nightmare awaits you in peak times. Even off peak, there are queues, the worst being through Ince Woods.

Who is accountable for this mess? Shouldn’t travellers be compensated in some way like they are when trains are delayed?

Sefton Council are now saying that the lights will not be fixed until the first week in February!

Sefton Bubble have contacted the local MP and are waiting for his response.

Sefton Council were experiencing high call volumes this morning, wonder why that was? Sefton Council: “We are experiencing very high call volumes this Monday morning at our Contact Centre. Save the waiting and visit our website to see if your question can be answered

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