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A chilly and unsettled day with widespread showers and feeling like a winters day across Sefton

Good Morning on Tuesday 4th May. Its 7°C with North Westerly winds of 34mph in Sefton


A chilly and unsettled day, remaining rather cloudy with widespread showers throughout. Winds strong at first, but moderating as the day progresses, becoming quite calm by evening. Maximum temperature 10°C.


During the evening showers migrate south, becoming more frequent for a time before clearing early in the night. The rest of the night mostly clear and dry, with calm winds. Minimum temperature -2°C.

Tide Times:

The tide times today are

Low Tide is at 12:12pm (2.40m).

High Tide is at 6:20pm (7.20m).


The sun sets tonight at 8:48pm

May 4th:

Today is Star Wars Day - May the 4th be with you!

Star Wars Day is an informal commemorative day observed annually on May 4 to celebrate George Lucas's Star Wars media franchise. Observance of the day spread quickly through media and grassroots celebrations since the franchise began in 1977.

One day each year, Star Wars fans unite to celebrate the world-famous sci-fi franchise with all manner of events, special offers and (virtual) watch parties to mark the occasion.

Star Wars Day happens every May and is a great excuse to revisit your favourite entry in the saga or treat yourself to a new video game, comic book or piece of memorabilia.

This year is particularly exciting as it sees the launch of a brand new animated series ‘The Bad Batch’ on Disney Plus, which will follow a rogue clone squad as they navigate the dangerous days following the fall of the Republic.

Star Wars, an epic space opera written and directed by George Lucas, premiered in 1977 and became an almost instant cult classic. Even today, almost 40 years later, Star Wars remains one of the most financially successful films of all time.

The franchise it began remains the most successful one of all time, earning over 2.5 billion dollars since the release of the first film.

Enjoy your day everyone!


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Formby School of Dancing and Performing
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Formby School of Dancing and Performing
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