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A man and woman in their 40’s were taken into custody on suspicion of drug supply offences in Sefton

Updated: Aug 26, 2022


CHARGE| In relation to the arrest by Operation Pelican on Great Georges Road, Waterloo, tonight, Jeanette CLARKE, 48, of Great Georges Road, Waterloo has been charged by the Crown Prosecution Service for the following offences; Possession With Intent to Supply Crack Cocaine and Heroin and Obstruct a Misuse of Drugs Act search.

CLARKE has been denied bail and will appear on remand at a Merseyside Magistrates Court tomorrow.


A 48-year-old female and a 47-year-old male were taken into custody on suspicion of drug supply offences in #Waterloo as part of Operation Pelican.

A spokesperson from Merseyside Police said:

”Officers have sighted a drug transaction at a residential property on Great Georges Road. Officers have detained this male and found him in possession of controlled drugs. This male, 47, from #Crosby, was then dealt with by out of court disposal.“

“Due to Officers sighting the drugs transaction they have attended the address where this took place.

“During a search, Officers have detained the 48-year-old female and a 47-year-old male and during searches found numerous wraps of Crack Cocaine and Heroin.”

“Both remain in custody and will be questioned by detectives tomorrow whilst enquires are ongoing overnight.”

Operation Pelican is an ongoing police campaign and was launched in 2017 to combat the drug trade and gang violence in South Sefton - Bootle, Netherton, Crosby, Litherland and the surrounding areas. It has had several notable successes due to its specific targeting and pursuit of intelligence gathering in the region.

Crack cocaine and heroin are both Class A drugs along with ecstasy, LSD and methamphetamine (crystal meth). Those found guilty of possession face up to seven years in prison and an unlimited fine, while those convicted of supply and production can be jailed for life.

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