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Born To Order is based on true events and inspired by Sefton womans battle against the establishment

Born To Order is based on true events and inspired by one woman’s battle against the establishment for the truth. When Kim Walmsley hit international headlines eight years ago as ‘The woman who doesn’t exist’, she was told by UK Officials not to go public about the insidious truth she had uncovered but now, Kim has decided to speak out.

When the emergence of what seemed to be a clerical error almost twenty years ago ended her new life in Australia, Kim returned home with her family and began the struggle to amend the erroneous entry into the register of Births, Deaths and Marriages. An error that in the eyes of the law, define her as a man.

Kim began her crusade to find the answers from the UK Government agencies that she believed existed to offer help and support but, she couldn’t have been more wrong. Kim’s quest for the truth took over her life as she realised the authorities were desperate to complicate, conceal and cover up matters at every turn.

Born To Order uncovers the shocking truth behind the lies that devastated so many people. A web of deceit involving one of the C.I.A.s most clandestine and secretive operations, MKUltra, resulting in Kim being stripped of her identity and legal status as a woman.

An earth-shattering record of conspiracy and atrocity exposing the awful truth in the hope of one day, gaining justice for those affected. Told by Kim herself, each page is full of the integrity, humility and humanity that make her who she is today.

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About the Author

Kim Walmsley was born in Crosby, Liverpool, UK in 1965. Kim met her husband Jack whom she married in 1991. They have five amazing children and have travelled the world together. The Magnificent Seven!

Kim has always been ambitious, adventurous and at times, a spontaneous person. Settling for a nine to five was never an option for her. Appearing on Dragons Den inspired Kim to ‘think outside the box’ to achieve her dreams. She built up and ran a successful and very popular newspaper which helped to put her local town on the map.

Throughout life’s hurdles, of which Kim has had more than her fair share, she believes with all her heart that her attitude determines her success. Stay positive, work hard and never, never, ever give up and your true strength will shine through.

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