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Formby Bubble story about new vicar hits national headlines

The Formby Bubble story about a new vicar has hit national headlines because of the comments on their Facebook pag.

The Mail Online has picked up on story that Formby Bubble have recently shared, more so because of the comments the post has attracted. To date the post has had over 255,000 views, 1.2k comments and 1.1K likes, proving to be one of their most popular posts this year!

The Mail Online published this:

A local Vicar at an Anglican church has attracted online admirers who compared him to the 'good looking' character in the TV series Fleabag. 

Reverend Dr Matt Davis from St Luke's Church in Formby, Merseyside has become an instant hit among admirers after news of his new position became known yesterday. A photograph of Rev. Davis, shared on a local community Facebook group, attracted hundreds of comments from admirers across the UK.

Dozens of followers compared him to the Priest in Fleabag where Andrew Scott's character attracts the attention of the main character due to his good looks.  The real-life vicar, originally from Northern Ireland, has been branded 'gorgeous' and compared to the 'Hot Priest' in popular comedy TV series.

Local community page, Formby Bubble shared his photo on their Facebook page, writing: 'New Vicar at St Luke's Church Formby.'

The post has attracted hundreds of likes and love heart emojis, as well as over 500 comments - mostly referring to Rev. Davis' appearance.

Lorna Yarwood Hillon wrote: 'Gorgeous.' 

Gill Hurst responded: 'Lorna Yarwood Hillon you beat me to that.

'Well god gave us eyes to see so.'

Julie Walker said: 'I'm sure your congregation will have a sharp rise in numbers now you've joined the Parish. Wishing you every success in your new role.”

.' Amy Lizzy wrote: 'Just had the sudden urge to go to confession.'  

Suz Ast'b wrote: 'Fleabag has a lot to answer for.'

Alice Arnell said: 'Could be a Fleabag type situation.' 

And Matheus Cristian said: 'Handsome father like Fleabag.

'Rev. Davis' induction into St. Luke's Church is due to be held on September 22 with limited numbers being allowed to attend due to Covid guidelines.Admirers will get to watch the service via a live YouTube link found on the church's website.However, they might be disappointed to learn that Rev Davis has been married to his wife Liz for 13 years and has two young sons.

The Rev Dr Matt Davis told St Luke's Church September magazine: 'It's our prayer that as we get to know you all and minister alongside you that we would be a great encouragement and help as the Lord continues to grow his kingdom.'

To view the original post on the Formby Bubble Facebook page, click the link below...

Vicar story on Formby Bubble:

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