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Police warn drivers to slow down as aquaplaning on the motorways causes more crashes and closes M57

The M57 southbound was completely closed this afternoon after a driver lost control and flipped their van on its side due to aquaplaning on standing water in lane three.

Police were called to the crash, which involved a silver van and a black car, on the motorway.

Thankfully no-one was injured during the incident which left both vehicles embedded in trees lining the carriageway, with the van flipped on its side.

As Storm Christoph continues to batter Sefton, drivers are being urged to be careful when driving in the adverse conditions.

A spokesperson from Merseyside Police Road Policing Unit said: “Please slow down and drive to the conditions. We have just finished dealing with this RTC on the M57 where one driver lost control after aquaplaning on standing water in lane three. Fortunately on this occasion nobody was hurt.”

“We've had a few more crashes on the M57 and M62 since our last post on social media. Motorists are still driving too quickly for the conditions, aquaplaning and leaving the carriageway. The rain is set to continue tonight and into tomorrow so please slow down!!”

A yellow weather warning is currently in place in Sefton until Thursday afternoon.

Flood warnings have also been issued in Maghull which means flooding is expected and immediate action is required.

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