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Sean’s Place now offers an evening event after the success of their pilot day

Sean’s Place in Seaforth was launched by Debbie Rogers and the pilot day was a great success!

Debbie said: “After the success of our pilot day, We have another opportunity for you to come together and relax and unwind in an evening that is designed to prepare you for the week ahead and support you to face Monday with a positive mind.“

”We have the amazing Mind Shaman who will be recreating the magic from our pilot day with his mindfulness sessions, We have a wonderful future focused hypnotherapist who specialises in a range of techniques plus lots more so why not come down and take part in our specially designed sessions or have a hot chocolate and connect with others through conversations and story sharing.“

“This is our 1st evening pilot so as ever you feedback is important to us. Members of our 1st pilot are welcome to attend again so please spread the word and share your experience with others as you dont know who might just need this most.“

“We look forward to seeing you there.“


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