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Tuesday 13th July will be overcast with sunny spells and the odd sharp shower across Sefton

Good Morning on Tuesday 13th July. It’s 16°C with a very light northerly breeze of 4mph in #Sefton


This morning will be largely overcast, with the chance of a few spots of light rain or drizzle. The afternoon will continue to be cloudy, with a few sharp showers developing but also lots of sunny spells. Maximum temperature 23°C.


This evening will stay mostly cloudy with showers in places, which will be heavy at times. Showers will ease overnight, and clear spells will develop. However, it will turn cloudier again around dawn Minimum temperature 12°C.

High Tide:

High Tide today is at 2:03pm (8.30m)


The sun sets tonight at 9:35pm


Today’s photo is from Bootle Action Group showing Barbara working hard to keep our beautiful Sefton beautifu!

You can follow Bootle Action Group here Pic:

Bootle Action Group at Oxford Gardens which has been weeded (mostly) and watered.

Barbara planted some Dahlias under the Southport Road sign as last Autumn's plants have finally died off.

We have created a small English lavender border at the central steps, and there has already been a flurry of bees.

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Formby School of Dancing and Performing
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Formby School of Dancing and Performing
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