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After 23 years, we are so sad to announce the closure of the Next Steps Nursery

After 23 years of looking after children, we are so sad to announce the closure of the Next Steps Community Nursery in Waterloo.

Parents were notified by letter earlier today, Tuesday 21st February. One parent wrote to us and explained how upset they were at the news. They said: "As parents, we are deeply saddened by the news that next steps community nursery, based in Waterloo Primary School is being forced to close. This nursery is an asset to our community and has been for the past 23 years. The nursery goes above and beyond for the kids and are truly invested in their development."
"We have watched our own children flourish within the nursery and always felt confident they were in good hands. The thought of now having to find alternative childcare arrangements, and posssibly starting all over again with a new nursery is overwhelming and stressful."

Here is a copy of the letter from the nursery sent out today:

Dear Parents,  

We have been in negotiation with the school with the ongoing running of our nursery. In July 2022 we were formally served 12 months’ notice to vacate Waterloo Primary School. All waterloo primary school staff where informed and Sefton council worker was informed of this information straight after the meeting took place. We were unaware this information had been shared until a Next Steps Nursery employee was approached asking what’s happening with the closure of the nursery who brought it to my attention.  


Parents of Waterloo Primary School are going to receive a letter today outlining Waterloo Primary School’s proposal regarding the premises we currently operate from. We were only notified today in writing of their proposal.  We need to clarify that the closure of Next Steps Nursery has been taken out of our hands as they are taking back their premises after 15 years. But currently we have been operating from the grounds of Waterloo Primary School for 23 years with the support of local businesses, charities, community and financial funding has made our nursery successful giving children the best opportunities.  


After we were served our notice we appealed this decision hoping that governors would extend this notice period. Which was declined.


Since September we have been working endlessly to find premises to relocate our community, family run business.  


Next Steps Nursery rapidly become recognised amongst the local community, gaining the trust and support of many children and families, resulting in a higher demand for our services within the local community.


There has not been much negation throughout this process and I and Hannah feel deeply heartbroken at the way this process has been handled and dealt with where we have shared our concerns.  


We haven’t given up yet as we are sieving through all proposals to find the right opportunity. Please bear with us and we will keep you up to date of any developments as we have only received this information at 10am this morning.  


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