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Good morning on Thursday 7th April. Sunny spells and blustery showers with winds of 31mph in Sefton

Good Morning on Thursday 7th April. It’s 7°C with northwesterly winds of 31mph in #Sefton


Windy today with blustery showers and sunny spells. Showers could be wintry at times with sleet or hail. Feeling rather cold today in the blustery northerly wind. Maximum temperature 9°C.


Showers fading away overnight to leave clear skies. Wind also easing, allowing temperatures to fall away quickly with a widespread frost. Minimum temperature -4°C.

High Tide:

High Tide today is at 3:32pm (7.60m)

Sunrise & Sunset:

Sunrise is at 6:31am

Sunset at 7:58pm


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