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Police say it was a busy Halloween in Sefton but incidents were overall lower than previous years

It was a busy Halloween across the whole of Sefton last night, 31st October. Merseyside Police were in the North Sefton hub that covers the area from #Southport to #Hightown.

A spokesperson said: “We had multiple patrols on duty with officers changing shifts to cover the two dispersal zones in place in Southport and #Formby. Some dispersal notices were issued.”

“We responded to a number of calls however, the number of reported incidents were overall lower than previous years. A house party for teenagers grew out of control due to social media. That required some attention in dispersing the crowd and did take up some time for one patrol. Parents, please be aware of where your children are going and who they are going to be with when they go out.”

“The map here shows the area that one of our Southport area cars covered last night and the photograph is of that patrol on Fylde Road at 08:05pm last night. Other patrols were also busy covering the #Birkdale, #Ainsdale and Formby areas in particular.”

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