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Ainsdale beach in Sefton was evacuated this morning after suspected bomb discovery

Police were evacuating Ainsdale Beach due to the discovery of wartime ordinance this morning around 11am on Saturday 24th June.

Sefton Council and Merseyside Police were asking people to avoid the area while emergency services dealt with the incident. Shore Road was also closed.

At 1pm this afternoon, the beach was partially reopened to the public. Half of the beach car park remains closed to deal with the discovery of the potential wartime ordinance. The discovery of ordinance on UK coastlines is not uncommon.

A spokesperson from Sefton Council said: “At 1pm we have partially reopened Ainsdale Beach to the public this afternoon.”

“Emergency services remain on scene and have closed off around 50% of the beach car park following the discovery of potential wartime ordinance.”

“We continue to ask people to avoid the area around the cordon.”

Main photo by OTS News


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