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The ‘Save Rimrose Valley’ campaign went one step further today when it was discussed in Parliament

The ‘Save Rimrose Valley’ campaign went one step further today when it was discussed in Parliament with Peter Dowd and South Sefton MP Bill Esterson.

MP Bill Esterson said: “Excellent debate on Rimrose Valley in Parliament today, Wednesday 7th September, which was led by Peter Dowd.”

“Thanks to Save Rimrose Valley - Campaign News team for supporting today and for presenting the minister with the drawings from Sefton children.”

“Let’s hope the minister’s talk of negotiation and listening means a change of heart and a serious plan for freight which delivers an alternative to National Highways road through Rimrose Valley Country Park.”

A spokesperson from Save Rimrose Valley said: “Well, that felt like another important day for our campaign. Great to hear so many of the important issues covered in the debate, which is so much wider than ‘just’ our Rimrose.”

“Thanks to Peter Dowd and Bill Esterson MP for representing South Sefton.”

Campaigners delivered a powerful message to National Highways’ door on 26th August.

School children from Sefton present letters and materials to Stewart Jones, Regional Delivery Director from National Highways

Photo credit: Nadine Oliver

On Friday 26th August, campaigners travelled from Liverpool to deliver letters, pictures and materials prepared by school children from Sefton to the door of National Highways’ North West headquarters in Manchester city centre.

It was the latest action in efforts to highlight their opposition to National Highways’ controversial A5036 Port of Liverpool Access Road proposal which would sever Rimrose Valley Country Park and surrounding communities in two.

Campaigners as young as six represented schools from South Sefton, handing over the documents to Stewart Jones, National Highways’ Regional Delivery Director for the North West. They requested that plans to destroy their park be cancelled.

Speaking after the event on behalf of Save Rimrose Valley, Stuart Bennett said: “The amount of effort children put into preparing these materials and then giving up a day of their summer holidays to deliver them, shows just how much they care about Rimrose Valley and green space in general. The letters highlighted pollution from HGVs, the climate emergency, the destruction of wildlife and talked about just how important the park is to them and their families.”

“Whilst it was to their credit that National Highways agreed to come out and accept the materials, we sincerely hope that Stewart Jones and the entire Port of Liverpool Access team take the time to read and digest the materials. These convey the hopes and fears of our children – the generation that would have to live with the impact of yet another polluting road – far better than we ever could. If they do, they might just begin to understand how insane their plans are.”

“They are trying to put a road where one doesn’t belong. We need better solutions which respect our local environment, our communities, our health and wellbeing and the planet. Roads do none of these things. Continued delays to this project are an indication of just how toxic it has become, but we must keep up the fight until this scheme is cancelled.”

Estelle Worthington, North West campaign organiser for Friends of the Earth added: “Building new roads through parks like Rimrose Valley that offer access to nature in the middle of urban areas, leads to more traffic, more planet-heating emissions and more pollution. With communities in Sefton already suffering from high levels of air pollution, we must protect our vital green spaces.”

“As this demonstration shows, there is huge opposition to these plans locally. The Metro Mayor, council and local MPs have all backed campaigners’ calls for sustainable solutions to port access to be prioritised.”


Save Rimrose Valley is the campaign to stop a road being built through Rimrose Valley country Park in North Liverpool. It is run by Rimrose Valley friends, a charity that exists to promote and improved this wonderful community resource.

Rimrose Valley is under threat!

Rimrose Valley is a beautiful, green oasis in the heart of several densely populated areas of South Sefton. It is a tranquil escape from the urban landscape that surrounds this gem and is a perfect place for losing yourself in nature, peace and quiet.

In order to accommodate the ever increasing volume of traffic from the expanding Port of Liverpool, Highways England has chosen to build a dual carriageway through this precious sanctuary, to link the port with the motorways at Switch Island.

This area is already blighted by traffic using the A5036 and the community there is already suffering from noise and air pollution that is

dangerously high and affecting the health of these residents. Adding another road will not ease this problem. The A5036 will continue to

carry the heavy burden this community has suffered for years and the communities adjacent to Rimrose Valley will face the same plight.

Highways England conducted a (flawed) consultation of the affected communities, effectively pitting one against the other by giving only two choices - expand the A5036 or build a road through Rimrose Valley. Neither community could win - whichever option was chosen. Both

communities would still suffer increased noise and air pollution.

There are other options!

Yes, some are more costly than a road through Rimrose Valley, but what price do you put on the health and well being of the residents who will suffer even further with the increased traffic between the port and the motorways?

If you are affected by the expansion of the Port of Liverpool and the increased volume of traffic, if your quality of life, your enjoyment of your home and community or your health and well being is declining because of the noise and pollution caused by the port, or if you have an opinion on

the erosion of green spaces across the country then PLEASE get involved in our campaign.

Share your opinions and suggestions. Let us know about other campaigns you're aware of that have faced similar battles. Share information that can be used to fight for a better way. We want you to have a voice!

However, please remember that we are a small group of volunteers and cannot respond to every question or comment made. We ARE listening,

but we will need to deal with these as best we can.

For our part, we will act as a conduit for opposition to the road, work with organisations who can help our cause and co-ordinate action

when the time is right. We will provide regular updates on the campaign as and when we are able to share information.

Thank you for your support.

Follow us on our social media pages:


Rimrose Valley Friends is a Registered Charity in

England and Wales (no 1171536)

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