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Free From Pain 12 week exercise programme for over 60s to improve balance and decrease pain

Why not join the Free From Pain 12 week exercise programme for over 60s to improve balance and decrease pain

Dr George Ampat is a trained and qualified Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with over 30 years of clinical experience. Dr Ampat has been trained to operate on patients with arthritis, fractures, disc prolapse, and other musculoskeletal issues. While working as a surgeon, George witnessed an increase in the dependence on surgeries, often without having exhausted non-surgical interventions. Surgery can be an amazing procedure that can save and change lives; however, surgery is irreversible and can cause more harm than good when performed needlessly. Dr Ampat has personally witnessed the devastating effects of needless surgery and has shifted his interest in exploring the non-surgical interventions that can have a similar or even better impact than surgery.

Dr Ampat now works as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon within the NHS and teaches in a University Medical school. A philosophy that Dr Ampat believes in and lives by is the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Having practised medicine across many parts of the UK and India, Dr Ampat has evaluated what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and what we need to be doing to optimise our health. Using this knowledge, Dr Ampat has written a series of books highlighting this importance and providing useful exercises for building up muscle strength and improving the quality of living. Exercise is renowned for having a positive impact on health, musculoskeletal pain, and life expectancy. This statement is supported by the many positive testimonials from Dr Ampat’s patients.

Free From Pain Exercise Book


The free from pain exercise book has been designed as a self-help book for seniors. The purpose of this book is to address arthritic pain and to delay any surgical interventions. The book's contents include 12 reasons to exercise, 12 metaphors to aid in understanding the importance of exercise, and three evidence-based exercise programs. Thus, this book can be used as a 12-week exercise program with a new reason and metaphor each week. Detailed descriptions and explanatory images of 53 different exercises are provided, along with a diary to track progress.

This book is aimed towards the over 50’s population. It will help increase the knowledge around how to maintain living a healthy, mobile life by educating the readers on the importance of exercise. This is supplemented with the use of metaphors to aid understanding. This mix of information and metaphors makes this book stand out in the market – it provides educational information whilst not requiring any detailed knowledge beforehand. The exercises provided are from three separate exercise programs; Otago to strengthen the legs and improve balance, motor control exercises for lower back pain, and isometric exercises for neck and shoulder pain. Each program has evidence to support the effectiveness of its use.

The three exercise programmes can also be viewed on Youtube at

Exercises for neck pain -

Exercises for back pain -

Otago exercise programme for balance and arthritic pain -

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Why not join the Free From Pain 12 week exercise programme for over 60s to improve balance and decrease pain. The classes consist of a combination of 3 forms of exercises and cover all parts of the body

1. Otago exercises for balance and hip or knee pain

2. Motor-Control exercises for lower back pain

3. Isometric exercises for neck and shoulder pain

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Formby School of Dancing and Performing
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